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You may be aware of the fact that all is energy. Maybe you are one of those few people who understand the subtle vibrations of life. Maybe you are not a very spiritual person, but you are still searching for something more, something to help you go through difficult periods in your life. If you are interested in the healing and protective properties of crystals for whatever reason this article is for you.


Before we go to the core of the matter we need to talk a bit about the energy body.

The energy body is the body within our body an invisible body of our energy.

Before we go any further we must clarify that there are many models of energy bodies and that most of them are in a way correct.

Here we will use the most popular model which originates from ancient India and with which most people are familiar with, the chakras.

If we use the chakra model, the energy body of each individual is comprised of seven chakras.

At the base of the spine, located between your private parts and behind is the root chakra. The root chakra is depicted as the red disk and the most primal and basic life energies reside there, we can also call these energies basic instincts of self-preservation for example fight or fight. Its Hindi name is Muladhara

The second chakra is the sacral or reproductive chakra which is located between the genitals and the navel. This is where the sexual and reproductive energies reside and originate from. It is also home to creative energies. Its Hindu name is Svadhishthana and is depicted as an orange disk.

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra. It is depicted as the golden disk and is responsible for intense desires, emotions, and will. It is located in the abdominal area and its Hindu name is Manipura. The personal fire of the individual resides here.

In the heart are the heart chakra is located. This chakra is responsible for the health and wellness of the individual. It is depicted as a green disk and its Hindu name is Anahata. This chakra corresponds not just to health and wellness but to general wellbeing and the pleasant feelings of harmony with the individual. This is where the soul resides and where the peace within is always present.

The throat chakra or the Vishuddha is responsible for general intellect and communication skills within the individual. As its name states, it resides in the throat and is depicted as a blue disk.

In the forehead resides the Ajna chakra or the third eye. This chakra is responsible for mental focus, spiritual faculties, intuition, memory, and clairvoyance. It is depicted in indigo color. It must be stated that this is the most powerful chakra n the energy body second only to the crown chakra.

The crown chakra is pure consciousness It is the god within. Its Hindu name is Sahasrara and it presides over consciousness itself. Its depicted in violet color.

All chakras are connected within the body and are considered the skeleton of the energy body within. All energy is generated within them and the most emotional and spiritual trouble the individual is going through can be solved with proper healing of the appropriate chakra.


As you may already be aware it depends on the problem you are facing within yourself.

When you are deciding on which precious stone or crystal you should choose you should first take a good look at yourself and the issues you might be facing.

Are you tense or feeling overwhelmed?

What kind of stress are you feeling?

Is it just emotional?

Do you have an actual health issue?

Whatever it is you must know it yourself first before you choose a crystal or a stone to help you.

Two other things need to be stated at this point.

First each crystal or precious stone has many correspondences, not just to the chakras and basic energies, but also to elements, planets, and other characteristics.

These characteristics are not so important if you know what kind of stress you are facing, they are just an academic tool of correspondence.

Another thing that must be stated is that if you are having actual health issues you should listen to your doctor or another health professional first and foremost, crystals and stones are just to help you along with the regular medicine, not to replace it.

There are many crystals and precious stones with healing and protective properties we list and describe here.

Agates are stones with general protective and healing properties, which bring a sense of safety, security and emotional wellbeing.

Amber is an organic stone made from fossilized tree resin. It absorbs negativity and protects from general harm, like bullying.

Amethyst is one of the best protective precious stones. If worn at night, it prevents insomnia. In general terms, it prevents panic and protects from all dangers. It calms people who wear them and prevents their anger.

Beryl is used when feeling overwhelmed. It dispels general negativity and mental stress.

Bloodstone is used against general fear and to prevent harm during travels.

Carnelian comes in many colors and its power is to protect against envy from others and the person against his or her weaknesses.

Coral is known as the protector of children and is said to help with painless teething.

Garner is used against the dangers of all kinds since it is the best protective stone. It is best for protection from attacks and to provide energy with difficult tasks. You should avoid using it while angry because it will amplify your anger.

Jade protects against general ill health and poverty. It is said to contain primal life energies and is one of the best stones to use when healing.

Jasper is a powerful grounding and healing stone. It is used whenever you feel like you are in danger or are feeling overwhelmed.

Jet is made from fossilized wood and is used for protection while traveling. It is a stone most useful while going through transitions in your life since it smooths them.

Lapis lazuli is a mineral of blue color used as jewelry in ancient Egypt.
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It protects from all forms of gossip, jealousy, and spite from the environment. It demands noble use and helps with all health issues.

Malachite is used for purification and energizing. It replaces negative energy with positive and must be cleaned every two days.

Obsidian is a black stone that repels all negativity and protects the mental state of the person who is wearing it.

Rose quartz is used for healing and protection. It brings peace to the family environment and is used for the protection of children. It quiets the arguments and is used to dispel all fear and anxieties.

Smoky quartz transforms negative emotions within the individual into positive.

Tigers eye is one of the best protective stones. It protects against general danger and harm, especially physical attacks and dangers.

Topaz is a general energizer and brings peace to the work environment. It should be kept there if possible. It also helps with insomnia and anxieties.

Turquoise is a powerful power stone. If you feel powerless or in need to raise your power levels, this might be the stone for you.


The above list should provide you with the general outline of the healing and protective crystals and their properties.

The question that remains is how to use them?

First of all, no matter which crystal you chose you need to clean its energy before you start using it.

When you get a new crystal first you should wash it under the cold, running water for at least 5 minutes.

After you do that, wrap it into white or black cloth while you are waiting for the night.

During the night put it under the moonlight and make sure it can absorb the moonlight.

The best time to this is during the full moon, but other times are also fine.

It must be noted that powerful stones like amethyst and Garner should not be put under moonlight since they are already energized enough.

When you are using your crystals always consider the issues you are having and adapt your use to that issue.

If you want general protection or specific better energy in your environment you should put that stone somewhere in that area, most of the time that is enough.

If you are feeling a certain way as if you feel anxiety or fear, for example, you should carry the stone with you.

Usually, it’s enough to carry it with you in your pocket. If you have worse issues you need to put a specific crystal on a corresponding part of your body.

Remember the chakras?

Here is where they come to play.

If you feel intense emotional pain you should put agate on your belly, possibly attach it to your belly button.

It would seem appropriate to do this while sleeping.

If you feel generally overwhelmed, you can put jasper stone on your third eye to calm yourself.

The reason for this is that the third eye controls the mental faculties.

These are the three basic uses of crystals and precious stones to help you in your daily life.

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