ZOLL Defibrillator FAQs

Unexpected cardiac arrest (SCA) simply implies that the heart unexpectedly & abruptly quits beating. This is ordinarily brought on by an irregular coronary heart rhythm identified as ventricular fibrillation (VF).

Is SCA the very same as a coronary heart assault?

No. A heart assault is a condition in which the blood source to the coronary heart muscle is suddenly blocked, ensuing in the dying of the coronary heart muscle mass.
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Coronary heart assault victims ordinarily (but not usually) working experience chest soreness and ordinarily stay aware. Heart attacks are severe and from time to time will lead to SCA. Even so, SCA might take place independently from a coronary heart assault and without the need of warning signs. SCA benefits in dying if not taken care of immediately.

Who is at danger for SCA?

Although the regular age of SCA victims is about sixty five, SCA is unpredictable and can strike anyone, anyplace, anytime.

What is VF?

VF is an abnormal coronary heart rhythm normally seen in SCA. This rhythm is prompted by an abnormal and quite quick electrical activity in the coronary heart. VF is chaotic and unorganized the coronary heart just quivers and can’t correctly pump blood. VF will be quick lived and deteriorate to asystole (a flat line) if not dealt with instantly.

How is VF addressed?

The only productive cure for VF is an electrical shock called defibrillation. Defibrillation is an electrical present used to the upper body. The electrical latest passes by the coronary heart with the purpose of halting the VF and giving an prospect for the heart’s typical electrical method to get management. This existing can help the coronary heart reorganize the electrical action so it can pump blood all over again. An automated exterior defibrillator (AED) can defibrillate the coronary heart.

What is an AED?

An AED is a device that analyzes and appears for shockable coronary heart rhythms, advises the rescuer of the need for defibrillation and provides a shock if wanted.

Will I harm the target by working with an AED?

When employed on men and women who are unresponsive and not respiratory, the AED is exceptionally secure. The AED makes shock delivery choices primarily based on the victim’s coronary heart rhythm, and will only defibrillate a shockable rhythm.

What if I forget the ways for applying an AED?

The measures for stunning an SCA victim are simple and clear-cut. The AED PlusĀ® delivers visible and audio prompts necessary for the overall resuscitation approach. The most challenging portion is recognizing the need to have for defibrillation.

Ought to I conduct CPR to start with or implement electrode pads from the AED?

Do CPR only right up until the AED comes. Utilize the electrode pads to the victim’s bare upper body and abide by the voice prompts and messages of the AED. It will convey to you when to resume CPR.

If defibrillation is so essential, why should really I do CPR?

CPR presents some circulation of oxygen rich blood to the victim’s heart and brain. This circulation delays each mind dying and the dying of heart muscle. CPR also would make the coronary heart extra possible to answer to defibrillation.

Can I be sued making use of an AED?

To date there has never been a case in which an individual was held liable for making use of an AED, but as you know, anyone can be sued. Similarly, most states have handed “Great Samaritan” legislation shielding the lay rescuer from lawsuits.

Can I unintentionally shock another rescuer or myself?

AEDs are incredibly secure when applied thoroughly. The electric shock is programmed to go from just one electrode pad to a further via the victim’s chest. Simple precautions, these types of a verbally warning other people to stand clear and visually examining the region prior to and through the shock, will almost make certain the basic safety of rescuers.