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Loyalty Kiosk Programs Are The Latest Rage In SMS Marketing

Most small businesses have been utilizing a loyalty punch card for their business for decades; the problem with the old way of doing this is the customer loses the card or never has it with them when they need it. I can’t even remember a time when I actually completed a punch card for a loyalty program I’ve had in my wallet before I lost the card.

There are some shortcomings with the old loyalty card. Businesses that have been handing out these cards have no way of knowing how many they have handed out, how often their loyal customers are coming in, no way to remarket to them individually and no way to track the redemptions when the customer came in to buy again.

Now comes the latest technology in the SMS marketing world, the advent of the loyalty kiosk, these kiosks are part of a cloud based sas platform that completely changes the game for the small local business owner. With this latest technology the business can now place a tablet or I Pad at the point of sale in the business, so when the customer goes to pay, they can enter the businesses loyalty program by entering their mobile number into the kiosk. Now each time they come in they can get a virtual punch by entering their number into the kiosk again thus achieving another point towards their reward iPad kiosk .

This eliminates the need to keep track of the loyalty card for the small businesses customer but more importantly for the local business owner is the fact that they can now build a data base of their most loyal customers. The fact of the matter is that 55 to 70% of the small businesses profit is being generated from 20% of that businesses loyal customer.

Now with this database the business owner can now use their SMS platform associated with the loyalty kiosk software to send out promotions, deals and offers to their most loyal customer. By getting their customers to come in for just 1 or 2 additional visits will add dramatically to their bottom lines.

Most platforms associated with the loyalty kiosk software have the ability to track various metrics of their customers’ behavior so the business can actually generate reports that will help them in determining what promotions are working and who’s coming in and redeeming their offers.

Also with the majority of these platforms, the business can now send out mobile coupons to their customers and mobile coupons are being redeemed at a 10X greater rate than traditional coupons.