Blue And Gold Macaw Of The Rainforest

The blue and gold macaw of the rainforest is observed mostly in tropical South The united states. Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, northern Paraguay, and eastern Peru all offer the kind of residence the macaw parrot requires. The blue and gold macaw’s organic habitat incorporates open up marshlands and woodlands, but the rainforest, with its large trees is a favored habitat.

Blue and Gold Macaw Population Density

The blue and gold macaw of the rainforest is an endangered species. For the reason that of looking, trapping for the pet trade, and destruction of their habitat, blue and gold macaws are little by little disappearing from the rainforest, as properly as other areas.

Habitat destruction seems to be the finest threat to blue and gold macaw populace density. Logging, in unique, removes the most significant trees – the kinds macaws favor for nesting. With out suited nesting web pages, the blue and gold macaw of the rainforest is doomed to extinction.

Maybe the second best danger to the blue and gold macaw is the pet trade. Traders climb trees to remove chicks from their nests. If climbing is as well difficult, trees are felled, and chicks who endure the fall are taken. Handful of survive to maturity, rapidly decimating their figures.

Blue and gold macaws are generally viewed in pairs or household teams. At periods, they might be seen in flocks of a dozen or so. Sadly, these types of sightings are turning out to be increasingly uncommon. The blue and gold macaw inhabitants density in the wild is by now a lot decreased than the figures in captivity. Some put the overall of those in the rainforest at no far more than two hundred pairs.


The blue and gold macaw of the rainforest is just about solely vibrant aqua blue and golden yellow. The wings are tipped with a bright accurate blue. Because the two male and feminine appear equivalent, breeders have to use a blood examination or DNA exam to decide gender. The blue and gold macaw has a creamy white deal with, with unique black feather traces and environmentally friendly brow.


A entire-grown blue and gold macaw is one particular of the major parrots in the globe.

* Size – Male: 34-36 inches

* Length – Feminine: 32-34 inches

* Weight – Male: 2-2 3/four pounds

* Fat – Feminine: marginally smaller sized

* Wingspan – Male: 41-forty five inches

* Wingspan – Feminine: marginally smaller sized


Of all the parrots of the globe, the blue and gold macaw is explained to have one of the mildest, most straightforward-heading temperaments. Compared with some parrot species, the blue and gold macaw is keen to interact with different household members rather than currently being a a single-particular person hen. It will, on the other hand, desire one earlier mentioned the many others.

Very smart, a blue and gold macaw can be taught the two to discuss and to do tips. It mimics human terms loudly and obviously. It is a pretty expressive hen, displaying what it needs by cocking its head, flashing its eyes, and “speaking” to you. It may also fluff its feathers, bow, bob its head, and prance about.

A blue and gold macaw can develop into pretty tame and playful if hand-elevated. They will always call for a good deal of consideration, although. If they come to be bored, they can be extremely harmful.


Give a blue and gold macaw wood to chew, and he will neglect about chewing points that are off-bounds. This parrot keeps its beak in great condition by chewing wooden.
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It also relieves pent up power by chewing wooden. As a result, it chews pretty aggressively.

A wide variety of stimulating chew toys will continue to keep it from becoming bored.


The blue and gold macaw of the rainforest typically eats bark and leaves, fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies, but it will also try to eat smaller animals in the wild. It visits clay licks to get mineral supplements into its eating plan, and to detoxify seeds.