Essentials on the Doumbek – the HeartBeat of the Tummy Dancer

The American-named doumbek, also known as a goblet drum, is a hand drum which is acknowledged by quite a few different names, dependent on what component of the environment the instrument is being played. In Turkey and Israel, the solitary-headed drum is regarded as a dumbelek or darbuka, even though Arabic musicians refer to it as a tabla or tablah.

Some other typical names for the doumbek drum which includes their respective nations around the world are:

– Darbuk in Yugoslavia

– Derbakeh in Lebanon

– Dombuk or Derbakeh in Assyria

– Doubouk in Hungary

– Doumbeg in Armenia

– Dumbul or Dunbul in Azerbaijan

– Klong in Laos Thailand

– Tarambuke in the Balkans

– Tarbouka in Bukhori

– Tepill in Kurdistan

– Tombak, Tonbak, or Zarb in Iran

– Toumberleki or toumpeleki in Greece

– Tumbuluchiu in Romania

– Zairbaghali in Afghanistan

The oldest doumbek drums located are claimed to date back to the year 4000 B.C., uncovered in Bohemia and produced by a Celtic tribe from ceramics. After the beginning of Christ, the drums surfaced predominantly in Turkey, as properly as in the northern African country of Egypt, and vary by the products from which they are made in addition to the identify applied to establish them.

In the Middle East, the drum is commonly produced from metals these kinds of as copper, brass, nickel, and aluminum, when African-produced doumbeks are normally built from clay.

The two most well-liked sorts of doumbek drums contain the Turkish or Egyptian kinds, with the Turkish getting quickly recognizable by the metallic bolts situated on the drum’s outer rim. This aspect may perhaps actually be an obstacle for inexperienced persons just mastering how to participate in the instrument, or alternately, a reward to those people working with the bolts to connect shoulder straps.

Turkish doumbeks are lighter than the Egyptian variation, with some of the more substantial drums also owning a tambourine within for extra sounds. This type may possibly also be a lot less pricey as the substance used is normally thinner, despite the fact that they do even now create the warm bass audio they are known for.

The exposed edge of the Turkish model makes it possible for for closer entry to the head of the drum, facilitating finger-snapping strategies, but does not allow for for the a lot more speedy rolls that are probable whilst using the Egyptian kind of doumbek drum.

The Egyptian design and style doumbek is generally made use of to accompany tummy dancers and also discovered in modern drum circles, and for the extra innovative participant, the drums are nonetheless highly suggested for doing solos.

Characterized by their rounded, plastic heads, with a total of 6 bolts, the Egyptian doumbek is a little bit on the heavy side, despite the fact that this excess weight does lend to its sturdiness. While nowadays, lighter Egyptian-styled doumbeks with straps can be made use of for all those who desire to take pleasure in the very same sound, but be equipped to stroll all-around or stand whilst actively playing the drum.

An additional model of the chalice-formed drum is made from ceramic stoneware with either a artificial head, or 1 built from fish or goatskin. Ceramic doumbeks frequently have a shorter lifespan than the metallic versions, and might also be afflicted by temperature variations, as is the scenario with most that use animal pores and skin drumheads.
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This style of instrument is performed when holding the drum concerning the knees either although seated, or by holding it below one arm. As opposed to the hand drums typically identified all over Africa and Latin-talking nations around the world, goblet drums are played making use of a much lighter touch, together with noticeably various types of strokes. To start out actively playing the doumbek, a awareness of the most typically utilised strokes and a simple feeling of timing are desired to get started mastering the procedure of the drum’s distinct calming bass and its crisper, greater tones.

New music that usually use the distinct seems of the ancient doumbek consist of Arabic, Assyrian, Azeri, Balkan, and Persian. However played on a regular basis right now, the doumbek creates a few simple appears which are recognised as the doum or dum, a deep, bass audio made making use of the ideal hand on the heart of the drum, tek, a substantially larger ringing sound also performed with the ideal hand, and ka, which is the same as tek, but completed with the remaining, or secondary hand.