Have Your Coffee Fresh, Not Instant – Put a Real Perk Into Your

If you are a coffee lover, you may not feel the need to ask why freshly ground coffee is better than instant. It may seem like something that’s too obvious to ask. In most cases, it’s something people don’t think about much. Unless you are a true connoisseur, you probably drink the coffee that is conveniently available at the time, without thinking very much about the process used to make it.

Instant coffee is made from fresh beans that have been dehydrated into granules that can be easily made into a beverage by simply adding hot water. The one, undeniable advantage to using granules is that it’s fast and simple. You simply put in a tablespoon or two of instant coffee into a cup, add water and you have a hot drink. This makes instant coffee a good beverage for people camping out or travelling to places where fresh coffee may not be available. For this reason, it’s convenient for astronauts as well! However, once you get beyond the convenience factor, there is no comparison. A freshly ground brew is far superior when it comes to taste.

The instant type of coffee tends to have a bitter taste. It also has less caffeine, which is one of the main reasons (aside from the taste, naturally) why people drink it. So you have to consume more of this not very good tasting beverage to get the same effect as from a smaller, delicious fresh cup!

Even the convenience of instant coffee is not as significant as it once was. For one thing, there are few places in the world today, unless you are in a remote jungle or desert perhaps, where the fresh stuff is not available. Coffee consumption is now common even in places like Asia, where tea is more traditional. And there are now inexpensive and convenient coffee makers you can take with you, allowing you to enjoy fresh ground coffee even when no cafes are around.

Instant coffee is mainly kept by people who are not real coffee drinkers. They may keep it in their cupboard for company, who are hopefully not too fussy about the coffee they are served! True http://caffegraffiti.com/ connoisseurs may or may not be able to explain why freshly brewed coffee is better than instant coffee, but they can tell the difference with a single sip.