How to Find a Lawyer

No matter how lucky or careful you may be, chances are that sooner or later you will find yourself with a legal problem. Deciding whether or not the situation requires a need for a lawyer however is never easy. Many problems fall somewhere between a minor dispute that can be settled in small claims court or a criminal charge that calls for a skillful lawyer. If you are in doubt, consult a lawyer, especially if the problem is complex where consequences are far reaching and you need a lawyer.

Generally you need a lawyer if you are about to sign a contract you don not understand or agree with. You will need a lawyer if you are served with a summons or other legal document, or if you and your boyfriend are considering a prenuptial agreement. Another situation is if you want to adopt a child, your child gets into trouble with the law, or you and your spouse is seeking separation, divorce, or annulment. Another situation for a lawyer is if your ex wants to modify or terminate child support or maintenance payments, or alter your custody arrangement. Buying a home requires a lawyer or any other real estate, starting your own business,buying a franchise and if you are threatened with an eviction or foreclosure requires a lawyer.

How would you find a Attorney?

If you find yourself with a legal problem began by asking friends and relatives if they can suggest someone. With every lawyer that is highly recommended, you should still do some comparison shopping for costs and expertise as well as compatibility. Some places to start looking is in the yellow pages in your phone book. The Internet is another excellent place to find lawyers. Your accountant, insurance salesmen, Banker or other professionals whose judgment you respect may recommend a lawyer. Another place to look at and to consider is the government offices and agencies that deal with the subject of your legal problem. The alumni office of law school is great place to find lawyers.
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The Bar Association will have the names of lawyers also.