The Perfect French Door Refrigerator

If you’re not sure which refrigerator is right for you then you may want to check out a French Door Refrigerator. If you don’t know what a French door refrigerator is the best way to describe it is the top half looks like a side by side refrigerator (which is refrigerator is) and the bottom half is one to two freezer drawers (where all of the freezer is). A few of the reasons why these refrigerators are such a big trend are:

  1. They allow full shelf space to place large trays or other items that would not typically fit in a side by side which is perfect for entertaining.
  2. The majority of our everyday food will come from the fridge which is on the top half so you won’t have to bend down to the bottom to find your fruits and vegetables.
  3. The doors are only half of the width of the refrigerator so they fit in any size kitchen without worrying if there is enough room to open the door.
  4. Many of the best cheap refrigerator on the market have door space that can hold a gallon of milk easily to allow for more storage.

When looking for your refrigerator the first and probably most important place to start is what will fit in your kitchen and fulfill your needs. Then you’ll need to figure out if you want/need ┬áIn case you’re not sure what you need or even the difference, a regular refrigerator is 30-32 inches deep whereas a counter depth refrigerator tends to be 25 -27 inches deep, allowing it to flow along with the cabinets. Just be aware while it looks sleek and beautiful, it tends to have less storage space due to the decreased depth.

Before you start looking you’ll also want to decide if you want to have a refrigerator with a color (e.g. black, white, bisque) or if you want a stainless steel refrigerator. This may not seem like a hugely important thing right off the bat but you have to figure this out before getting started because you may find a fridge you love that doesn’t come in the color you want. Also, you may want to weigh the good and bad on Stainless Steel refrigerators before getting started. In case you like the look and don’t love the upkeep, many companies have a faux stainless steel look quite often called satina.